Why we don’t advertise prices…

We frequently receive inquiries asking why our magazine advertisements and online floor plans do not show pricing.

The answer is the that we don’t publicize the pricing for one simple reason – most people customize the plans and need us to prepare a custom quote. We take the plan a customer is interested in plus the choice of roof, windows, doors, etc., (which all come in the package, but there are options) and prepare a custom quote. With the backing of our manufacturer, we will also take any estimate from another company and match its quote apples to apples in honor of our price match guarantee.

Admittedly, we have debated publishing prices. However, customers have reported to us that many times they have expected a price as seen in ads from other companies but found that the actual quote was seldom – if ever – what was shown. We cannot, in good conscience, do that. Our manufacturer, Honest Abe, has 40+ years of experience that shows how advertising a set price on a custom home just will not work.

It’s like the enticing new gadget priced “starting at $9.99” you see online or on TV, but when you get out that credit card to make the purchase, it’s really $29.99.

We would rather just work with each customer in getting the most accurate quote possible and skip the hype. After all, we know that customers are going to be making a plan of action based on this quote, so why not go forth armed with the best information (and the truth)?