Honest Abe Living

Honest Abe Living Magazine is Filled with Engaging Content

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Honest Abe Log Homes, the designer and manufacturer of cabins and timber frames sold and built by High Creek Log and Timber Homes, publishes its free magazine, Honest Abe Living, online monthly.

The interactive publication is filled with stories, photos, interviews, news, announcements and product information.

You’ll be able to watch videos, download articles and tip sheets, take 3-D tours and more.

You can share it with others via email or social media. You may also download, print or read online issues of magazine to your computer or mobile device. 

In Honest Abe Living, you’ll read about clients’ homes and see photos like those above.

Check regularly for new issues, and enjoy the library that includes many years of Honest Abe publications and magazines by clicking here.